Block Printed Rugs

Hand block printing is a traditional Rajasthani art that has now become famous all over the world. It involves hand carving intricate patterns in teak wood blocks and creating stunning designs on fabric. The process in itself is quite fascinating-

  • Custom wooden blocks are first hand carved by ace artisans in teak wood to ensure maximum durability and print quality

  • The ‘Chhipa’, term for the block printing artist, then prints our designs on fabric with phenomenal accuracy and speed, using only his eyes, hands and the wooden block.

  • The printed fabrics are then left to dry in the sun

  • The fabrics, if they are rugs, are then stonewashed by hand using pumice stone

    to give the final finished look. Other materials are given organic cold wash

    treatments to ensure color fastening.
    This craft is passed on from generation to generation in a ‘chhipa’ household. Some of our artisans have a family history of over 5 generations of block printing.

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